Besides providing full audits, maintenance programs and repairs we offer a wide range of consulting services. It only makes sense, since we service it on the back end we can help you create it from the design to the installation. We can be there to guide you through installing the safest, most entertaining and durable playground for your environment.

We can help you;

  • Make sure your location is appropriate and provides the best use of shade, landscape, drainage and more.
  • Select the best type and manufacture of equipment (we are a neutral party).
  • Based on age and demographics we can assist in the configuration.
  • Select the best surfacing material.CPSI Registered
  • New build construction and Architectural drawing review.
  • Shade considerations (very important in Arizona) natural or man made. Including assistance in selecting the manufactures.
  • Risk Management training for agencies .
  • Review and development of paper work for reporting.
  • Auditing of newly built play environments.

We encourage you to contact us if your company, association or organization is getting ready to expand their play environment.


If you have a home playground system and curious if you are “playing it safe”cpsc-home-inspect please use this guide by the Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC). This is a free download provided by the CPSC. Click here to go to this link.

Please contact us if you or your association have any questions regarding playground safety, playground design, playground maintenance, playground audit or anything related to your playground environment. We are passionate about our business and excited to help.