maintainAfter the inspection process has identified any conditions that may be potentially hazardous and or non-compliant, maintenance and repairs may have to be performed, such as replacing worn bushings and connectors, replacing missing hardware, replacing broken and/or vandalized components, and power washing and cleaning of contaminated equipment. Loose fill surfacing material such as sand and wood chips are also raked, leveled and repositioned for optimal surfacing coverage.
During routine playground inspections, we perform the following playground maintenance duties as needed:

  • Tighten or replace playground hardware
  • Rake playground surfacing under swings and slides
  • Clean up debris around the playground
  • Power wash the playground equipment
Playground Repairs
Once we inspect your playground area, we prepare a detailed estimate for any necessary playground repair work, including:

  • Replacing damaged or worn playground equipment
  • Renewing worn playground PVC decking
  • Replacing loose fill playground surfacing
  • Recoating and repairing unitary rubber playground surfacing
  • Removing graffiti from playground equipment

Playground Police, LLC performs a variety of additional services such as:

  • Power washing
  • Graffiti removal
  • Surfacing Material reconditioning and replenish
  • Unitary Surfacing repair
  • Consulting
  • Expert Witness
  • And much more click here for further details.

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