inspect We provide high and low-frequency inspections to check for hazards and test the performance of an entire play area, evaluate the structural integrity of each piece of equipment and its surfacing. Once all of the hazardous and non-compliant conditions identified in the initial audit are corrected and we have set your playgrounds standard of care, inspections are performed on a scheduled basis to identify any new and/or re-occurring potentially hazardous and non-compliant conditions on the play structure and the surfacing material in which a user may come into contact with.

Playground Police, LLC performs a variety of additional services such as:

  • Power washing
  • Graffiti removal
  • Surfacing Material reconditioning and replenish
  • Unitary Surfacing repair
  • Consulting
  • Expert Witness
  • And much more click here for further details.

Is your playground safe? If you have any concerns please get with your homeowners association and request an inspection. Our you can contact us and we can help!