Playground safety…

Is a Proactive responsibility Not a Reactive one.   Over 205,000 children are seen in emergency rooms every year due to playground injuries.  Injuries range from cuts, sprained fingers, broken limbs, strangulation and death.  Many of these injuries can be prevented with regular scheduled safety inspections performed by a  Certified Playground Safety Inspector.

Playground Police A.I.M’s to partner with your community in providing a safe, clean and well maintained playground environment for your users to enjoy by offering the following services:

AuditAudits are preformed by a Certified Playground Safety Inspector, and are the first step in your comprehensive playground safety management program. Audits are a highly detailed inspection of the play structure to determine if the components are in compliance with the industry standards and guidelines established by the ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) and the CPSC Consumer Products Safety Commission), and is performed on the entire playground environment. This includes, but is not limited to, the play structure/s, walkways, ramadas, tables/benches, sports equipment, trees, lakes, ponds, streams and their relation to the play environment, and any other amenities in the immediate area that are provided for your users to enjoy.

inspectOnce all of the hazardous and non-compliant conditions identified in the initial audit are corrected and we have set your playgrounds standard of care, inspections are performed on a scheduled basis to identify any new and/or re-occurring potentially hazardous and non-compliant conditions on the play structure and the surfacing material in which a user may come into contact with.

maintainAfter the inspection process has identified any conditions that may be potentially hazardous and or non-compliant, maintenance and repairs may have to be performed, such as replacing worn bushings and connectors, replacing missing hardware, replacing broken and/or vandalized components, and power washing and cleaning of contaminated equipment. Loose fill surfacing material such as sand and wood chips are also raked, leveled and repositioned and or replenshished for optimal surfacing coverage.

Playground Police, LLC performs a variety of additional services such as:

  • Power washing
  • Graffiti removal
  • Surfacing Material reconditioning and replenish
  • Unitary Surfacing repair
  • Consulting
  • Expert Witness
  • And much more click here for further details.

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