Playground police is a family owned and run business by John and Jill Damyanovich started to provide a safe playground environment for our children and those of the communities that we service. John is a United States Marine Corps veteran and a Retired Mesa Police Officer. John and Jill have raised four children and spent a lot of time on community playgrounds in East Mesa with thier children.

While supervising their children John and Jill took note of damaged, missing and dirty playground equipment which had the potential for injuring the children playing on this equipment. As concerned parents John And Jill brought the discrepancies to the attention of the HOA board members and property managers. Their concerns were met with the standard answer: there are no independent Certified Playground Safety Inspectors in the area to fix the issues.

In 2001 John and Jill researched CPSI’s and located a CPSI class that John then attended. John became a CPSI CPSI Registeredand offered his services to the HOA in which they lived as Playground Police, an independent CPSI. As the only Independent CPSI in Arizona at that time playground police grew quickly.

John and Jill operated Playground Police as a part time business until 2006, when John retired from the Mesa Police Dept and began to work full time as a CPSI. John Quickly became well known in the playground industry and was asked to be a CPSI instructor for the National Parks and Recreation association in 2008.

Playground Police is currently the oldest operating independent Certified Playground Safety Inspection and repair service company in Arizona. Playground police is also setting standards by which other CPSI’s have been following throughout the industry.

While John Teaches the CPSI classes throughout the country and is still hands on with all of the HOA’s that Playground Police services, Jill operates the companies administrative needs making the Playground Police a true family owned and operated business.